Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Outfit Post and a Health Update

I was going for a "polished casual" or smart casual as they say in England. It's what happens when I read a book about Kate Middleton's Style. (Kate Style: A Chic and Classic Look by Alisande Healy Orme)

I wanted to try something a little more colorful and frankly has a bit of my preppy roots. My dad's from Louisiana and is very preppy. He even has a collection of pastel polo shirts! I promise I will never wear a pastel polo shirt. 

But if you look closely I still got a bit of something different with my skull earrings. Gotta keep the look still fun and me. I like wearing outfits that are girly and classic and then sneaking in a bit of something different. 

Top: Hand me down, Skirt: Some store in China, Shoes: Target, Earrings: Goodwill, Necklace: Some shop in China as well.

On to the Health Update (or why I've been gone for so long again.)

Most of you may already know that I have Fibromyalgia that was diagnosed three years ago. Which is if you don't know wide-spread chronic pain caused by the pain receptors in your brain and nerves being overly sensitive. Well it had been quite a bit better in terms of pain and my mobility for awhile. So I pushed it a bit too far and suddenly it got way worse. The pinched nerve in my hip didn't agree with my attempt at a ballet class from school, then my fingers and toes swelled up in the heat wave and it was very painful. Which was when I began to notice most of my joints were achey. 

Luckily my doctor actually got me an appointment with a rheumatologist who after some poking and prodding at all of my tender spots suggested an anti-depressant which can also help with nerve pain. Which has helped enormously. So yay for that. I still am waiting on a few test results but I'm very glad to have a clear treatment plan this time. Clearly in the three years since I've been diagnosed Fibro is finally being taken seriously by doctors. As always when I'm not posting here I am on usually on tumblr, twitter, pinterest and instagram (links below). Sorry I've been gone so long and that's all for now. 

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  1. It's good they found an antidepressant that works to help with the pain, often doctors don't take chronic pain problems like that seriously!

    I love the idea of skull earrings with a more dressy outfit.

    1. Thank you. It took me a couple doctors and three years to get taken seriously, but also doctors have only recently figured out what causes fibro. Hopefully now that will mean that more doctors will take it seriously.

      Also wearing something spooky with a dressy outfit is one of my favorite things to do.

  2. Aaaw, you look cute! I like Kate Middleton's style too. ^^

    I'm really sorry to hear about your illness to begin with, but I'm glad there was improvement in the doctors' approach and you got meds, that can help. I hope the test result will be promising as well. ^^

    1. Thank you for the compliment and your concern about my health. Test results all came back normal, which is good news.