Thursday, October 18, 2012

This is CorpGoth's Mid-Month Status Report: Go to Work Outfit

I've been reading CorpGoth for awhile and am a big fan of Ms. Trystan's style. Also her advice on how to stay true to your style while at the office has been awfully helpful. While I don't work in an office, I work retail the advice is still helpful. White House Black Market dress code is still business casual. Anyways, without further ado, onto my go to outfit!

Everything is from White House except for the hair clip which is from Target.

Cardigan : White House. Top: Thrifted. Skirt: Forever 21. Belt: H&M. 
Headband: Forever 21. Necklace: Vintage.

Yes these are from my tumblr outfit posts. I've been too busy at said work to take real blog post pictures. I'm sorry! Anyways, go to outfit is cardigan, top of some sort, skirt, usually a pencil skirt (I have three). It's an easy go to for me, and feels just a little pin-up which I like. So there you go, this Babybat's a baby Corp-Goth too!


  1. Am I inferring correctly that you work at White House Black Market? If so, OMG JEALOUS! Some of my very favorite pieces of clothing are from that store.

    I love how you've put these outfits together - grey is so elegant with black & white!

    1. Yes I do! It's pretty awesome. I do sometimes spend a bit too much of my paycheck on clothes though. Also thank you!

  2. I especially like the second outfit - it must be the skirt, it's really nice!
    Is the mirror in the first picture yours? It's lovely <3.

  3. Thanks! The mirror is sort of mine. It's in the guest room my parents keep for me in their house.