Friday, June 7, 2013

Red & Black Week Day 6: I have no clever title for this one


I don't have much of a post for the grand finale, but I finally had a chance to wear this skirt so I had to show it off.


I bought it from the lovely Shannon of She's a great blogger and was a lovely person to buy things from. 

It's such a fun skirt and I've been twirling in it all day! Anyways happy end of Red & Black week. 

Outfit rundown:
Cami: Macy's, Shrug: Hand-me-down, Skirt: From Shannon, Shoes: Thrifted, Bow: Wonder Woman bow from the lovely Siren (

Here's a quick close-up of the bow. She makes a ton of them every year for Fanime and she has some of those that were leftover up on her etsy. You should also check out her tumblr for awesome geeky lolita designs:


  1. Lol! I sometimes have a terrible time coming up with post titles, too! ;) Your skirt is just about the cutest thing ever!! The layered effect is unique and feminine. This whole ensemble is a great look on you! Thank you for sharing in Red & Black Week!

  2. Aw, the skirt <3! It looks way better on you than it did on me XD. This outfit's really pretty and funny; are you wearing the skirt on your waistline :D? It used to reach my knees, but I guess that's because I used to wear it on the hips; it looks very good even at a mid-tight length :)!
    And thank you so much for recommending me blog, you're too kind ;D*

    (Also, did you leave a comment on my blog in the last few days? I accidentally deleted two comments while moderating, and I seem to recall to have seen your name... or was I dreaming o_o?)

    1. Yes the skirt is on my waist. I won't fit anywhere else, because my hips are too big! I like it at the waist though. :)

      (I probably did, but I won't remember what the comment is, I'm sorry!)

  3. Aaaaw, those bows! There's a Gambit bow...!! WANT, WANT, WANT! :D
    Alright, the shipping fee hurts, but I think I'm going to order a couple too...Thank you so much for sharing it! ^^

    You look really cute, I'm sure that skirt would make a lovely lolite outfit too! ;)

  4. It's the perfect skirt for twirling, and you look fantastic in it, Caitlin! :o)