Monday, July 30, 2012

Vacation Post 2: Connecticut and Louisiana

Yes I know this is late. I have been busy and had to get all these photos off of Facebook. Also I'm lumping both trips together because 1. there aren't many pictures and 2. I was only gone for a week.

On the fourth we all got to go on my aunt and uncle's boat. I'm a little in love with the swimsuit I got at target. The bottom is a skirt! Plus the hat is pretty awesome too. 

Going out on the dingy to swim near this one island in the river. That's my cousin controlling the thing. The pretty lady looking up at the camera is my mom's wife Diane and she's awesome.

Me and my mom in the airport. I was on my way to Louisiana she was one the way back to California. 

Plus fabulous hat number two.

Awkward family photo in Louisiana. I'm standing next to my dad's wife, Carol Ann. Then there's my foster brother, Ephram. The girl with awesome blue hair is my sister Elizabeth. Then there's my brother Ciaran and my sister Eleanor. 

Awkward family photo in Louisiana number two. This was at LSU. At least my siblings look cute. I have my derp face on. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Long Time No Blog Post: Vacation Post 1 (Warning very picture heavy)

So I got really busy at work, then I was on vacation. Then I was switching rooms in my apartment. So haven't really been able to blog. These pictures are about 3 weeks old. They were taken at a family friend's house a day before I left for Connecticut. 

This is me and my sister Elizabeth, it was her 15th birthday. Also she took all the pictures that she's not in. 

This is my other sister Eleanor, she's 7.

This is my brother Ciaran, he's 9 now. 

Unfortunately there are no pictures of the newest addition to the family, Ephram. My dad and his wife (all my siblings are half-siblings) live in Shanghai, and they're fostering Ephram. So he and my dad weren't on the California leg of the trip. There should be pictures of him from Louisiana so look forward for that post.