Thursday, January 17, 2013

First Gothic Lolita Outfit!

I've been interested in the lolita fashion since I was in high school. Back then I never had the confidence to ever try it. Now I do! Plus having a super poofy petticoat helped. I wore this out just for a normal day for errands, because why not. 

My lovely roommate was there to take pictures this time and she insisted I play with our cat, Princess Zelda for some of them. Enjoy!

Princess Zelda doesn't approve of her picture being taken.

Why yes I did pain my nails pink to match all the accessories. The nail polish is Beautiful Girl by Sinful Colors.

Both earrings are from Forever 21

So is the necklace.

Boots are from Amazon and the tights are again from Forever 21.

Top is a hand-me-down from my other roommate. 

The skirt is from Burlington Coat Factory and I added the lace myself.

Bonus fun picture of me dancing in the skirt!


  1. Really pretty, lolita suits you very well, if you ask me! ;)

    I've always been interested in lolita fashion as well, but it doesn't suit me at all...neither my looks, not my personality. :)

  2. I tagged you on the Very Inspiring Blogger Award on my blog ;)

    1. Oh my gosh thank you! I don't deserve this...

  3. I always wanted to get into lolita, but when I was younger it was so prohibitively expensive. Not really true anymore with bodyline and other brands--but I think I'm kind of too old for it now. And, lol, there's nothing sweet and nice about me. I agree with the other really suits you well!

    1. Thank you so much. :) It's the baby face isn't it?

  4. What a wonderfully lovely all black lolita ensemble. This style suits you well (I love both goth and lolita looks, though haven't dabbled much in those departments since high school) and must be such a blast to wear.

    ♥ Jessica