Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rainy-Day Goth

So it's finally been rainy in San Francisco! Which while I love rain, I've noticed it's not ideal weather for totally ooky-spooky victorian goth clothes. So with too much time on my hands and a polyvore account, I figured I'd come up with some outfit ideas for when the weather gets a little wet.

rainy day goth

rainy day goth by lacenlipstick featuring a scoop neck dress

I know what you're thinking, rainboots are not goth! But one, when it pours like it does in SF you kind of need them. Two, these ones have a lace print on them! So they're kind of goth, enough. Plus they look really nice with the coat. Note: I did not actually make sure that the coats in these outfits are waterproof. Think of these as guidelines, not rules.

rainy day goth two

rainy day goth two by lacenlipstick featuring gap

Here's something a little more gothy with the cape and the boots. The boots kind of remind me of the riding boots Lady Mary had in Downton Abbey. Also the umbrella is all sorts of awesome.

rainy day goth three

rainy day goth three by lacenlipstick featuring miss selfridge

This is a much much more simpler outfit. It's subtly goth, because sometimes when it's wet and cold outside I just want to wear pants. Though being me, that does not mean just throwing on a t-shirt. So a button up and blazer combo works. The boots are a bit stompier than I would wear, but you get the idea.

rainy day goth four

rainy day goth four by lacenlipstick featuring black tights

This last one is the most victorian, over-the-top I would probably go during a rainy day. Even then it would have to be a light rainy day. But hey if the boots are waterproof enough and I won't be outside for long, it could work.

So there you go, four ideas to keep your gothiness even when the weather isn't ideal. 


  1. Where I live, especially in this season, the weather is often not ideal :D I'll take inspiration <3
    My favourite look is the last one, I guess because of the skirt. But the third one is more me. I like stompy boots :D (I have several pairs of combats, they're amazing when it rains) and the blazer+pants combo is something I should definitely try, it's elegant and it compensates for the plainness of pants :D!
    By the way, rain boots may not be very goth but as long as they're black and keep you from catching a cold they're more than ok to me XD

    1. I love the last one too, despite how impractical it is. Blazers are my favorite dress everything up piece. I feel the same way about rainboots. Unfortunately there is nothing in this world that can keep me from catching a cold.

  2. The weather in Hungary, where I live is totally unpredictable in Autumn; yesterday it was raining all day, today it's dry and sunny, so it's hard to dress up...I don't have anything for rainy days, but my fall - wardrobe is still too warm for these sunny ones...Mostly, I go with something like your 3rd outfit on a casual day, but they're all pretty, the first two are totally work - appropriate, and the last one is just adorable. ^^

    ...but I must admit, that I'd never - ever wear rubber rainboots...:P

    1. It's been unpredictable here too! We keep having heat waves (which is like 70 for San Franciscans). I normal don't wear rubber boots either, but when it gets rainy enough that there's small ponds in the parking lot, they're useful.

  3. I adore that last outfit - right up my alley (I'd probably edge a little more into steampunk). I could see myself wearing it.

    It rains here too (Victoria, BC, north of Seattle, in Canada) - a LOT. I wish there were more attractive waterproof booties!

    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! I really appreciate it.

    1. Thank you! There totally does need to be more waterproof shoes. It's the bane of my existence. Thank goodness for water-proofing spray. And you're very welcome! I'm following you now too!