Thursday, January 16, 2014

I went to Shanghai for Christmas! (picture heavy)

Yeah I know I suck at blogging with much if any regularity. I'll be real with you internet, I probably never will be good at it. I did really mean to have this post up as soon as I came back from my trip. I was there for a week from the 26th to the 3rd. Unfortunately I left my camera cord in my parent's (My dad and his wife) apartment there. They sent me a package with that, everything else I left because I am very forgetful and some more gifts because they are lovely generous people. I just got the package a couple days ago and this was my first week of spring semester. Anyways enough of that, on to the pictures! (Which are mostly of food.)

Day 1: Family Outing to Lunch and some shopping plus pictures at the Shangri-La

I thought it was so cute that they put a little heart in my bendy straw at this restaurant.

My siblings and I are so cool. (From left to right: Elizabeth - 16, Ciaran - 10 and me)

The other two siblings (Ephraim - 8 and Eleanor - also 8)

Outside the Superbrand Mall.

Christmas decorations outside the Superbrand mall. (Christmas decor was up everywhere the whole week I was there even though it was after Christmas.)

More adorable Christmas decorations at Superbrand

I was surprised to find Monster High dolls there. Super cool display though.

Just look at Abby!

Also surprised to find a Hooters.

My brother and me in the lobby of the Shangri-La.

The tea selection at the Shangri-La.

This was on someone's gas tank. I have no idea what it say.

Cool sculpture thing I saw from the car.

They have these screens in every elevator and they play all sorts of ads. This was in my family's apartment building.

Day 2: Lunch with Dad and my sisters at Element Fresh which is a healthy food restaurant

Pumpkin soup!

Watermelon juice, which I highly recommend. 

Day 3: Family Time, Shopping with Elizabeth and Ciaran and Hot Pot for Lunch

My sister wearing my spikey headband, she wants one now. 

Trying to take a picture of hot pot. If you don't know Hot Pot is a type of restaurant where they boil broth for you and you order all sorts of meats and veggies to cook in the broth. 

Making the soup!

Day 4: More Shopping and Dinner at the Kerry Hotel Buffet

My sister's mango sorbet that I stole a few bites of. 

Roasted duck wraps with plum sauce


Shumai Dumplings

 Day 5: Lunch at their driver's, Mr Lee, Sister-in-law's restaurant. (Yes they have a driver it's common in China for expats because they won't give foreigners licenses and a driver is cheaper than taking taxis everywhere.)

More dumplings (I love dumplings so much!)

Some delicious spicy noodles.

I don't know what this is a building is for, I just had to take a picture.

 Day 6: Lunch at the Japanese place with Dad, his wife and my sister

Lunch Set with a bento and other yummy things. 

Birds Eye View (The egg is actually a savory custard with was delicious!)

More yummies. 

And lemon mousse for dessert.

Day 7: Ice-Skating

I am terrible at ice-skating and barely made it around once.

My brother isn't much better.

My siblings looking silly outside of the ice rink. 

A cool view from The Bund River, also outside the ice rink.

That's all for now. I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I should have. I have more from previous visits. (This was my 4th) 

Good bye for now internets,
Caity-Cakes (AKA Caitlin)

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