Friday, February 21, 2014

Opening Up and Raising Awareness

This was not an easy post for me to write.

My name is Caitlin I'm 21 years old and I have bipolar disorder, anxiety, and ADHD. I'm a survivor of a suicide attempt, a survivor of rape and in recovery from self harm. It's not easy to talk about things like that and it's really not easy to put something like that up on the internet but I feel it's important. Why is it important? Because I want to start getting involved in Mental Health Advocacy and Learning Differences/Neurodiversity Awareness. If I'm going to start advocating for others I have to start by advocating for myself.

That means sharing my story and being open, yes even on the internet. I know I'm putting myself out there and leaving myself open to ridicule and hateful comments. (Hi Mom, if you're reading this I know you're worrying but I really do feel I have to do this.) This is all I really have the mental and emotional energy to write about this now. At some point I'll post a more detailed story, probably in parts, as I get more comfortable. In the meantime here are some great resources for both for those who want to learn more and those who are currently struggling with mental illness or disability.

General Sites:

  • (this is about raising Bipolar awareness)
  • (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, I've participated in one of their Out of the Darkness walks which was awesome.)
  • (I want to get involved in their program SOLVE:
Self Care and Info from Tumblr (Which is an awesome resource)
  • (huge master post of links to other sites)
  • (good distractions for an emotional crisis, panic attack, anxiety attack or really even when you're just stressed)
  • (How to deal with triggers. Triggers are something that well triggers someone's PTSD by reminding them of the past trauma.) 
  • (Another way to deal with emotional crisis, panic attacks, etc. I plan on making one this weekend and posting it of course)
  • (Advice for a bad day.)
  • (I think may try making one of these two. Seems like a good calming technique) 
  • (Good at explaining panic attacks and how to deal with them.)
I think that a lot of the coping techniques and self-care things can work really well for anyone. Everyone needs a bit of calming down sometimes. Anyways that's all for now. Look forward to my Comfort Box post in a day or two.

Farewell for now internets,


  1. Hey kiddo - Of course I'm worried. I'm also very proud of you.

  2. Us moms worry, Caitlin. It's what we do. And having a 20-year old daughter myself, I know it's not easy out there these days. I wish you all the best on your journey. ♥