Friday, June 8, 2012

Red and Black Week Day 5: Circus Inspiration

Shirt: Target
Jacket: Clothing Swap (similar)
Hat: Fanime, I don't remember the shop. (similar)
Shoes: Target (more red patent pumps)

All I did today was run errands but I felt like dressing up because hey, why not? I didn't actually wear the shoes running errands. Those I just put on for the pictures cause they look pretty. This outfit is actually inspired by this one from, Miss Gracie of Goth in College. I've had both the jacket and the skirt for awhile and haven't worn them, so I couldn't resist wearing them for red and black week. 



  1. More people should adopt the philosophy of dressing up for everyday tasks. I *love* the matching hat and skirt!!

    1. Yes yes yes! For me it makes the tasks seem more fun. And thank you!