Sunday, March 3, 2013

Monthly Theme: Purple!

This month's theme is purple and as I nearly forgot about until I checked Sophistique Noir's blog yesterday. Of course I am at my mom's this weekend and have none of my few purple items with me. Except for my nails which I painted lavender before I knew about the theme. Yes I occasionally paint my nails in pastels. I think it's a lovely contrast to my much darker outfits. 

A picture of my nails doesn't really make a full post though, so I hopped on over to polyvore to make some outfits with purple in them. There's four, three in goth styles I wear frequently and one in a style I've recently discovered. 

1. Neovictorian Goth

neovictorian purple

One of my favorite goth styles that was actually the first thing that got me into the subculture in the first place. I learned about steampunk from a friend and down the rabbit hole I went. But that is a story for another post. 

2. Gothabilly

purple rockabilly

My second favorite style! Probably the one I wear the most often because it's just easier to pull on a dress and throw on some shoes. At least for me. Plus I can wear it at work, though not really with a necklace like this one. Sidenote: I really want that necklace in every color it comes in. (No more purple left but you can find it in black, pink and red here:

4. Casual/T-shirt and Jeans Goth

casual purple

I wore variations of the outfit above in high school all the time. Once I started college though, I pretty much stopped wearing jeans most of the time for a long while. Recently though, I've been making use out of all the graphic tees I have once again. It's a cute easy way for me to feel me without having to dress up. Plus I have too many tees to not wear them. I'm still lusting after this Alice one though. 

4. Kinderwhore/Kindergoth

purple kindergoth

This would be the style I've been interested in the most recently. I've liked the music of the bands that inspired this style, Hole, Babes in Toyland, Jack Off Jill, etc. since high school. Fast forward a month or so ago when I was looking through Sary Walrus's very old posts and this post in particular: made me really want to try the style out. Since then I've been looking for a good pair of combat boots and finally found some today at Target. I will have an outfit post with them soon! That is all for my purple post. Tomorrow I will hopefully have the Guam pictures up. 
'Till we meet again,


  1. I love that polish! I like to do my nails in a similar colour in the summer. And I agree with you - I think it looks lovely with black!

    I seriously think I need a t-shirt that says We're All Mad Here ... ;o)

    1. Thank you! It's Essie Nice is Nice which I forgot to say in the post. I think everyone needs that shirt too. :P

  2. I love to wear lighter shades on my nails sometimes, too. I go back and forth between dark and light because I enjoy the contrast. The lavender color looks lovely on your hands!

    I'm so in love with that blouse in the first Polyvore... :)

  3. wow I love that blouse with the big bow!