Friday, March 1, 2013

Mini Post: New Theme & Back from Vacation.

So I decided to change my theme because the old one made it hard for me to read my own blog. So I figured a lighter background with darker text would be better. Plus I adore the pink and the stripes. Sorry I have been basically M.I.A. I recently got back from a vacation, which I will make a post about as soon as my sister emails me the photos. I was in Guam and it was beautiful and seeing my siblings was absolutely lovely. I will talk more about it in my next post. That's all I got for today.


  1. It's pretty! ^^ I used this layout in the beginning, before I got my current one. Not that I put much effort into mine...anyway, I like the pink! ;)

  2. Guam! That sounds very exciting!! :o)