Thursday, June 13, 2013

Slightly Late Con Report: Fanime Part 1

On memorial day weekend I went to Fanime! This year was my second year going and it was awesome. I even went to Day 0 this year! Which is when you stand in line for hours to get your badges. My friend, Shilan, was getting mine, but my boyfriend's little sisters had to get theirs so I went along with them for the experience.

Yes people did dress up just to wait in line. For those who don't know this is Stephanie Brown (my favorite batgirl) and Jason Todd when he's Red Hood. 

Here's when I finally got my badge around 8 pm. Shilan had been in line since 8 that morning. 

Me and my boyfriend's packing pile on Friday morning. Even though Fanime is only down in San Jose, it's easier to stay in a hotel for all three nights. Less driving, and also it means we can stay in the gaming hall until really late. 

This is what my boyfriend wore to the first day. He's Haruhi Suzimiya from the anime and manga of the same name. Yes I do think it's awesome that I have a boyfriend who's that comfortable in his masculinity. 

This is what I wore! My second gothic lolita outfit. The dress is my first big lolita purchase. It's from Fanplusfriend and I swear I'll get a review up soon. 

Outfit Rundown: 
Dress: Fanplusfriend, Sweater: Baby the Stars Shine Bright (bought second hand at the swap meet on Thursday night), Shoes: Thrifted, Bow: Claire's  

There were tons of Jack Frosts from Rise of the Guardians this year! This one was one of my favorites. 

Another one of my favorite cosplays! The Cabbage seller from Avatar the Last Airbender! 

I bought a Batcube. He is the night!

It's Seltie from Durarara, one of my favorite animes. It's a bit obscure so I was surprised to find both this lady and another cosplaying as Seltie. Also that helmet is not easy to make!

Here's me as a gothic Poison Ivy with another girl as Poison Ivy. 

My boyfriend (on the left) and another guy, both as Scarecrow. We went to the DC/Marvel meet-up which wasn't at all well planned. There was about 30 minutes wasted in moving us and trying to set up. But our friend Mae got a few good pictures in!

On Sunday night there was the black and white ball, and the only picture I got was of my hair, with some leftover ivy leaves pinned in it. Hopefully my friend with all the pictures will upload them soon. That's all I got for you. I really didn't take many pictures. I'm gonna have a post later will all the stuff I got. 

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